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Entry #1

New Song Awaken ^^

2008-10-27 14:50:27 by St0rmChaser

After about a month with lack of inspiration,
Finaly managed to make a nice melody supported with a kick.
I saved this, and perhaps i will make a song out of this.

It is at a very early stage yet, but sheesh, atleast i have something now :P.
You will hear more of it soon ;)


(deleted the picture... it was way to big for the NG borders.. and some morons like to comment on that. )


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2008-12-02 14:13:21

Joke I kidd I'D Kiddening!!!!! Anyway Thanks For Voting More To Come
Now Get Over Here And HUG ME NIGGUHER!!!!!!!!!

St0rmChaser responds:

Um.. right, your welcome i guess.. ?.



2009-04-26 23:17:32

Alright so i'm back. We can work on something if your still on..

St0rmChaser responds:

aight xD