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'Right' 'Aha!'.. 'He has no pants on'..

LOL xD Hilarious !!
Great graphics great, voices, great everything :D
This will get the daily price again :D mark my words !!

5/5 10/10
Grtz St0rmChaser

This is nice :O

Wow, this is very cool :O
Well drawn, and so smooth.
It scared the crap out of me though :P
Imagining and drawing such monsters requires a lot of fantasy and creativity.
kudo's for that.

9/10 5/5

Scythemantis responds:

I draw monsters almost every day, at least in rough little doodles! :D


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i..in.. Incredible :D

I was honoured by the fact that you put my song in your submission.
But now i saw the game, im honoured in an overdrive :O

I kept looking for 5 minutes to your daily award and a score of 4.30.

Theres one thingy though.
The volume of my song is a littlebit to low.
I could fix this if you want :).

Anyway, i realy love your style of making games.
It was addicting, fast paced, and i didn't got bored for a second.
(and i played it a very long time :P ).

best wishes, and take care,

10/10 5/5³

moogoat responds:

Yep, thanks for the music, it's great! It's not so much here, but if you look at the comments @ ArmorGames, a lot of people say something like "Love the music!" or "Music fits great with the game!"

I actually spent so long looking for the right music. I thought it was the hardest part of making the game! But then I saw your song and I thought, ":O This is it!"

The music in the game IS a bit low now that you mention it. You don't have to make it louder. I was adjusting the volumes of the different things in the Flash and I think I made the music too low.

Again, thanks!


Cool :D

Man the game sure is cool and well programmed :D
And the best of all is : YOU USED MY SONG :D.
(however the volume is kinda soft for some reason :S)

The game difficulty is quite hard though. you should select an easy, a medium and a hard mode with some speed diffrences :D that would rock.
or perhaps some upgrades you can do or so. xD.

Anyway, 5/5 10/10 downloaded ^^
keep going :D

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Youré absolutely right

I always found the voting system on newgrounds.com ridiculous.
There is no way a song can get a righteous score with the current way to vote.
They should make leaving a review mandatory after voting a 0 or 1 for a track.

This song absolutely deserves to be above 4.50 in score only because of the amazing quality it contains.
Zero bombers totally ruin it for many audio producers here.
I am still amazed why newgrounds didn't see this yet. They dont seem to take any action changing it for some reason.\
I also stopped with newgrounds for quite a bit and went on to Soundcloud.
I did placed my latest collab here however haha.
Seems I will never completely stop with NG.

Well, here is someone that does give upright votes.
5/5 10/10 from me.
I'm a fan for quite long now. Your tracks are really inspirational even though I make house instead of trance.


you deserve my place !

Wow man ! that is the most awesome percussion style i have ever seen.
I especially like that variation with the 3 hats and 2 toms you use as percussion climax.

Im currently on 11'th place all time topscoring, and youré on the last one.
But we should swap places lol.

Keep going man,

Krussi responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it :D
I just took a listen to your song "Crescent Moon", and I certainly think NOT that we should switch places, that song was waaay better.
I love playing around with different percussions to give the beat a more unique sound, but sometimes it sounds too weird.

Anyhow, glad you liked it, and you should check out the original: DJ Toxic - Secret Melody

Thanks for the review, the 10 and the support Endeavour ^^

And I will keep on going :P


0_o um..

Well i must say its not bad for sure,
But its absolutely not worth the Top5.

quite mean ! =P, how do you get this song in the top 5 ?.

You might use another kind of synth to your lead to make it sound more professional ??

good luck =)

bossler13 responds:

I don't choose the top 5 my friend. I couldn't tell you how it got there. Thanks for the review

Hi, im St0rmChaser. i was DJ Trezy once, but i felt i improved a lot, so i wanted to start clean again. well, if ya want to ask me something, dont hesitate, and ask me :). If you want me to review your things, you can also ask it !. greetz StormChaser.

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