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Chaoz Annihilator Chaoz Annihilator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Youré absolutely right

I always found the voting system on ridiculous.
There is no way a song can get a righteous score with the current way to vote.
They should make leaving a review mandatory after voting a 0 or 1 for a track.

This song absolutely deserves to be above 4.50 in score only because of the amazing quality it contains.
Zero bombers totally ruin it for many audio producers here.
I am still amazed why newgrounds didn't see this yet. They dont seem to take any action changing it for some reason.\
I also stopped with newgrounds for quite a bit and went on to Soundcloud.
I did placed my latest collab here however haha.
Seems I will never completely stop with NG.

Well, here is someone that does give upright votes.
5/5 10/10 from me.
I'm a fan for quite long now. Your tracks are really inspirational even though I make house instead of trance.


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-'+ Secret Melody +'- -'+ Secret Melody +'-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

you deserve my place !

Wow man ! that is the most awesome percussion style i have ever seen.
I especially like that variation with the 3 hats and 2 toms you use as percussion climax.

Im currently on 11'th place all time topscoring, and youré on the last one.
But we should swap places lol.

Keep going man,

Krussi responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it :D
I just took a listen to your song "Crescent Moon", and I certainly think NOT that we should switch places, that song was waaay better.
I love playing around with different percussions to give the beat a more unique sound, but sometimes it sounds too weird.

Anyhow, glad you liked it, and you should check out the original: DJ Toxic - Secret Melody

Thanks for the review, the 10 and the support Endeavour ^^

And I will keep on going :P


DJ Boss-Final Chase DJ Boss-Final Chase

Rated 4 / 5 stars

0_o um..

Well i must say its not bad for sure,
But its absolutely not worth the Top5.

quite mean ! =P, how do you get this song in the top 5 ?.

You might use another kind of synth to your lead to make it sound more professional ??

good luck =)

bossler13 responds:

I don't choose the top 5 my friend. I couldn't tell you how it got there. Thanks for the review

Sonix1241 - Mini Intro Sonix1241 - Mini Intro

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is soooo incredibly awesome !.

I love your kick, and your melody. and also your transitions are godlike !.
However, the mastering is rather bad =( which is a pity.

YOu should try to add a fruity compressor or a fruity limiter and try some presets with it. !! it will totally remove the distortion.

btw, im now making a collab with one of your 'students' ??? called paperman :P.

St0rmChaser (aka Endeavour)

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Snapdragon Snapdragon

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I realy loved the arp. it was powerfull !.
Also the other percussion elements completely did it for me =D.
I doubt if trance can get any better than this piece of work !.

4.52 / 5.00 (+ 0.0019)
10/10 5/5

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whitewater currents [PP] whitewater currents [PP]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice !!

I shall start with what i liked a lot. (which is the biggest part of this review).

You improved A LOT in your progressions, and i can say you even surpassed me in that. at 2.10 you did something with your melody, how did you do that ? was that a flanger ???. Also the melody ROCKS like hell. its full and bright with enough treble.

The counter melody you added later in your song is also wonderfull.
I would never think you had dead or alive 4 in your mind when you made this.
It is also suited for a loop xD.

The criticm :

Your intro.
That clap you placed in your intro didn't fit.
you should leave the first kick without a clap, and the second with a clap.
you now have the first kick with clap, second one without clap, and so forth.
you should reverse that.

I was listening this with a headset on, since my bass is actually blown to pieces.
(it fell on my head when i played a hard bass. the subwoofer is making small jumps, and his last jump was a launch of 1 metre full on my head... )

i can't review you more right now.
im tired as hell, and i dont have a full quality potential right now.
So it would probably be mean to write one.

In short:

I keep noticing improvements in your songs.
Some of your elements in your song are already better filtered than i can !.
Keep going mate =D

10/10 5/5
4.43 / 5.00 (+ 0.100)

Take Care,

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PeckaPrime responds:

Thanks for this nice review man,
Im glad that you liked the song, the effect I used there is the phaser. It's always cool to hear that you like my melodies :D. Also DoA 4 rocks XD.

Thanks a lot for the heads up on that intro clap, I didn't notice it, but now that you mention it, I kinnda see it. Fixed that. I'll tweek with it some more when i stop lazying around.

So the sub tried to kill you ?, but you offcourse were ready for it, so you headbutted that muthaf***a. You don't mess with guys that run after storms.

Anyway, thanks for listening, reviewing, voting and enjoying this track. Thanks for the kind words, I'll be sure to bug you when i make something new. :)

You have fun now, and stay safe :D, see you later man.

Krussi - Untitled WiP Krussi - Untitled WiP

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

great !

This is awesome, it makes me happy,
It makes me think of : Revelation
how about that name ? xD.

Bushido Blade Bushido Blade

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is soo cool =O
I want to make DNB like that to !! =O where can you download these Taiko drums samples ?,

Btw, an FX reminded me of Ground Control 1 xD.

Good job mate,
10/10 5/5

Take Care,

A New Day Begins (Preview) A New Day Begins (Preview)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Whew !

Hey there =D
as a ''thank you'' for the reviews you have done till now, i shall give you a very big review to =D.

I realy loved the start. it is very original and it gives a good feeling.
Also the bass i hear is very nice, it has a nice delay on it which fills the song on that moment.

at 0.25 the bass starts to get a nice 4 note phrase. after that the build started to come up, and i realy felt a climax boiling up. i did not expect what you did after the climax =P. i was thinking it was 155bpm or something but this should be 180bpm+ xD. but actually it turned out very great. l like it.
But perhaps you could have bring in the melody at bit earlier cause only a bass and a kick starts to get repetitive, especially at a high speed.
You managed to bring in variation very quickly though.
When the real melody was done filtering in, you changed the bass again.

Perhaps you could add a counterbassline to the bass, perhaps that would sound good. coming back on that first melody : I realy liked it, it was fast and not boring to listen to, and it got variated with that powerfull synth thing.
What i wouldnt have expeted (and what was totally kickass) was that you made a full melody out of that powersynth. that totally rocks and made a very nice variation. awesome !.

(some things i find important in a song)

BASS 4/5

24 out of 30 = 8

some criticm :

The bass was awesome as i already said, it changed a hell lot.
Many basses get boring after a while, but this one didnt.

I realy loved the percussion, you had a lot of it in your song, and i sounds great !.

I could not recognize the melody, so i dont think i know the VSTI, but the synths sure were fantastic.

It variated often, but they were rather short.
Well, 16 bar is not short, (when its lower than 180 bpm =P).
Perhaps you could try to make even more catchyer melodies and some longer ones.

Nothing to complain about that.
Its is very nicely done, and i didnt got bored a sec. (perhaps 2 or 3 seconds).

Everything was synced very well, and there was no single clipping mistake.
However, at the climax when a man says ''lets go'' i felt slightly out of beat for a second though, but that is nothing important ^^

Well that was my review.
It was my longest one till now, and very hard to make xD.
It is hard to explain everything in a song, and im not very good at it i think.
My english grammar is'nt good either, so it became even harder =P.

I have a lot of respect for you writing review like that xD.

Take Care,

8/10 5/5éd

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Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot for the awesome review:D

About the bpm... Yeah, I cant help it... I love happy hardcore and as souch I often turn up the bpm:P You were also right in your asumption. The speed is exactly 180 bpm.

I also noticed you mentioned VST's... But the fact is that I use garageband and not FL (even though garageband is looked down upon here on NG). I simply made the synth by tweaking one of the sounds i found in the program till it had the sound you hear in the track now:P

I often try to make 8 bar melodies but i really REALLY suck at that. Otherwise i'd TOTALLY use 8 bar melodies more often:) Guess i'll just have to practice...

Also: The climax is not included in this preview. Most of what you hear here is a buildup to the first of 2 climaxes:P
Thank you for the long and kickass review! I'll be sure to take your advice into concideration before i upload the finished track:)


(ps- Yeah, it's a long and hard task to write these reviews... I'm glad you apriciate my work, but i actually write reviews in this way for a reason: I refuse to give reviews souch as "ZOMG IDZ DEH BEST! 10000/10". Souch reviews are useless and cant really be used for anything:S That's why i ALWAYS write long reviews (it's true, check out my review log). Some people think i try to mock them, but it's a burdon i have to live with in order to help people improve:)
As a last thing. I were able to understand everything you said. No need to apoligize for your english nor grammar today;)

DJ Radman - Shadow DJ Radman - Shadow

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Jesus christ =O

This is very good !!,
Your kick is incredibly good, and your percussion variates a lot !!.
And when it starts to get repetitive, you change the melody or bring in a break !.
This is nearly perfect mate!!, this should receive MUCH MUCH more appreciation,
and i shall help Brand0 with is task to give that to you ^^

This shall receive a 5/5 as often as i can give you.

You have potential ^^